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How To Build and Design the Perfect Outdoor Barbecue Kitchen (January 4, 2015)
Americans spent almost $250 billion remodeling their houses in 2014 and a third of this amount was spent on exterior areas.
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ClassicFlame Electric Fireplaces Review
September 6, 2014)
ClassicFlame Electric Fireplaces have garnered numerous accolades and have earned the reputation of "The Finest Furniture in Fireplace Industry.”
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Great Gas Grill Options for Outdoor Cooking (August 7, 2014)
Just as there are many types of outdoor barbecues, there are also many types of outdoor barbecue grills. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
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The Steady Rise of Ceramic Grills (March 31, 2014)
Ceramic grills/smokers, also usually referred to as "kamado grills", are steadily gaining increasing popularity among professional (competition) and backyard amateur grilling enthusiasts.
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Winter Grilling Guide 2013

Did you know that more than 60% of backyard chefs grill year-round? Although the basic principles of grilling apply in every season, here are a few tips that are unique to winter.
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Outdoor Kitchen Centers - Connecting With Your Customers
Builders can cater to potential buyers' by creating outdoor kitchen centers - living spaces conducive to outdoor cooking such as adding patios and decks with covers to keep grillers dry during rainstorms and snowstorms. To attract buyers, builders can include built-in natural gas grills or stand-alone grills. They will surely impress and become the centerpiece for outdoor living. [Read Full Article]

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Grill
Quite simply, there are barbecue grills for every need, budget, and lifestyle. You want high quality, reliability, safe performance, and durability - and of course, you seek value. Our purpose is to provide useful information to help you evaluate your needs, check your budget, and shop for the outdoor appliance that nearly all of us own.
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Direct Grilling Tips
As the name suggests, direct grilling involves cooking food directly over a fire, usually three to six inches above the flame. This method is used to cook relatively small, thin, tender pieces of food - steaks, chops, chicken breasts, fish fillets, vegetables, tofu, sliced pineapple - foods that cook quickly, benefiting from the searing heat of the fire.
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How to Cook With a Charcoal Grill
Reliable equipment and an appropriate fire are the basic needs for successful grilling. The tips outlined in the article below are suitable for gas or charcoal grills and include directions for both. If you have a gas or electric grill, follow the directions in your owner's manual for lighting and preheating it. [Read Full Article]

How to Buy a Gas Grill - What to Know and What to Avoid

You've gone to the hardware store. You've looked through the newspaper. You've looked at Weber, Char-Broil and a dozen more. You've listened to salespeople tell you about surface areas, BTUs, rotisserie burners, side burners, infrared burners, and a dozen things you've never heard of. Now you're more confused than before and what you need is a little friendly advice. [Read Full Article]

Choosing a Gas BBQ Grill Over Charcoal
Gas BBQ grills are still often used as they are easier to light and easier to control. Although they may cost more than charcoal grills or even the popular ceramic grills, gas bbq grills are much easier to clean and have a lifespan that far surpasses that of any other grill. [Read Full Article]

Outdoor Gas Grills
Barbeque grills have come a long way from the open fire and spit days. These days there are gas grills galore. To be sure the gas grills range from standard grill slates, gas burners on the side, smokers, heavy-duty material for serious grill enthusiasts and monster grills for tailgating. You can also bet that the latest in grill technology has a rotisserie on it as well. [Read Full Article]

Grilling Tips
A few helpful hints will ensure that your grilling results are perfect every time. [Read Full Article]
If you family doesn't run to the table, maybe it is time to take an honest look at your cooking routine and see if you have fallen into a menu rut. [Read Full Article]

Grilling Tips for Mastering Filet Mignon
There are plenty of seasoned grill masters out there that believe grilling filet mignon is tough and for sophisticated audiences. That’s as about as far from the truth as one can imagine. Barbecuing filet mignon can be a rather simple task as long as you follow a few steps... [ Read Full Article]